Jacob's well — a place that kills divers

04 january 2017, 02:32

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At pictures of two boys jumping into the abyss is Jacob's well which is located in the state of Texas. This large artesian spring 4 meters in diameter flows from the most extensive underwater cave system in Texas. The water is so transparent that the bounce creates the sensation of flying into the empty space. Well about 10 meters deep but at the bottom of it starts an infinite branch which is not fully understood. To date, their studies have claimed the lives of eight divers.

Only 9 photo 1. Jacob's well in Wimberley Texas is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Named for the biblical analogue of this threat source has claimed the lives of eight divers but even that doesn't scare thrill seekers who decided to jump into it. 2. At first glance, Jacob's Well is similar to a safe pool in which flows a stream Cypress Creek.

In size it is four meters in diameter and this looks like a well relaxed and safe. There are four caves which are a few tens of feet below the surface. 3. The local owner of the dive shop believes that these caves is the most dangerous in this well. 4.

The first cave begins at a depth of 30 feet and ends at 55 feet. It is well lit it has a lot of fish and algae. 5. The second cave is located at a depth of 80 feet and has a narrow entrance which lures divers into a trap. It was there that killed a student from Texas Richard Patton.

6. From the second cave to the third leads a small hole with loose gravel. Divers try not to touch it when squeeze into the third cave. 7. 8.

In the fourth cave passage even more difficult. Few have seen it and therefore it is called virgin cave. At its bottom there are layers of limestone and if they stir up to find the exit of the cave will be almost impossible. 9. The well has long attracted divers, scientists and artists.

They are not afraid of bad glory of this reservoir. He kind of represents the essence of life creating a clean water every day for thousands of years. See also every man should have his own.

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