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The fate of Texas and the Donbas is very similar historical analogies suggest themselves here. We will not resist will hold a bold parallel between the Ukrainian events 20142015 years and what happened in the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas in 18351836. As the Donbass in the beginning of the XVIII century, Texas was a desolate steppe. In the Great Plains were engaged in hunting and gathering Indian tribes, the Comanches and Apaches only 1525 thousand people. Throughout Texas they played the role of Crimean Tatars drove the settlers cattle houses were burnt down, robbed and killed.

The first Spaniards appeared in these places in 1528, when Conquistador Alvar nuñez Cabeza de Vaca got together with his friends captured by the Indians was on the river San Antonio. He left a colorful description of everyday life of the Indians their manners and customs. Later the Spanish prisoners managed to escape they came to California and then were able to return to Mexico. Well, in 1684, the French Rene Robert cavalier de La Salle descended the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico has declared the surrounding land French owned and organized in the Bay of Matagorda, a small colony of Saint-Louis is now the village of Victoria of the three hundred settlers. A couple of years from the colony were only memories a large part of the French died of hunger and disease and the others killed those who attacked Saint-Louis, the Indians all except for the children which they took with them.

Arrived to the place of settlement in 1689 expedition, Henri de Tonti found only embers from the huts tried to find out the fate of the unfortunate but nothing found. A year later Texas joined the Spaniards to prevent the French to move to the West. Proud gentleman greatly feared that their competitors may enter the territory of New Spain. From 1690 Texas was nominally Spanish territory. Why nominally because of the Spaniards, there were several hundred.

However, they established the first settlement which was called mission San Francisco de Los Texas, San Antonio Bahia San Luis de Los Amarillas and so on. The Spaniards usually wanted to convert the local savages to Christianity and to get to work on yourself. Alas, the Indians were deeply spit on some European God of the missionaries, they looked like the sky had fallen, the source of the robbery, stealing the cattle and horses. Besides, soon the mission began, a smallpox epidemic and in 1691 survivor 3 priests and 9 soldiers boarded a passing ship and returned to New Spain. Once the colonization of Texas blew it.

Twenty years later, in 1711, the Spanish missionary Francisco Hidalgo approached the French Governor of Louisiana's call to organize the Catholic mission in these wild lands. Rumors.

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